We have chosen to add an English version of the questions so you can read his answers without problems if you are English!

We in Simskrystallen have been honored to interview the musical genius Ilan Eshkeri.

Ilan Eshkeri. Creator of the music for The Sims 4  Photo: Ilan Eshkeris Facebook page.

Who is Ilan Eshkeri?
Ilan is the person behind the GREAT music in The Sims 4. He is a busy man, so unfortunately he didn’t have the time to answer all the questions we wanted from him, but we are very pleased that he took the time to to answer any some of questions he received from us.

When did you start making with music?
I learned to play the violin at the age of four, but whenever

I learned a new piece of music I always wanted to change the notes, inspired by my synesthesia, a strong association between notes and colours. so in a way I was always composing music from the moment I started learning to play it.

How did you get the job as a composer for The Sims 4?
The people who make The Sims had heard the work that I was doing and they rang me up to ask me if I would be interested. I love what the game is about,
(It’s community and how unique it is within the gaming world)
so I was very excited to become a part of the Sims universe.

When you make a song to a new extension, do you get hints, tips, a genre, or do they say you’re going to make a song for a specific extension, for example “Vampire Package”?

I am told all about it and we discuss extensively
what the style of the music should be in relation to the mood and style of the new expansion pack. 


Making 8 different versions of the same song is new and exciting to The Sims.
How is it to make a song in 8 different ways that will fit nicely and sound unique for each extension?
It’s brilliant!
I always like what we call the low intensities, because you have to make an arrangement of your piece for a solo guitar of a string quartet or some other solo instrument… Its always a fun challenge.

Where do you get the inspiration to make the songs?
Sometimes it is easier than other times,
for instance if its Vampires then there are certain instruments and styles that are obvious to use like a church organ.

But I always try to imagine existing in a Sims world and what kind of music is in the head of a Sim.

Do you play The Sims yourself?
– If you do or did, what is your best The Sims memory?
I had a brief period of time when I played The Sims. I loved it but i’m not sure if I should say what I did while playing it…..?


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